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Minori Pastel  Works&Lessons




Welcome to ”Minori Pastel" page.

My pastel drawing lessons are based on an original painting method that draws freely from my 42 years of my art life.

If you want to take the "Minori Pastel" lesson, there are 4 ways.
The first is an online video viewing self-lesson, the second is a video viewing with Zoom Lesson, the third is the most popular one-on-one free drawing lesson named "puti-pastelschool", and the lastone is a face-to-face lesson in Tokyo.

When recruiting students for lessons, I give top priority to e-mail magazine readers☆

​   Minori.SUGMOTO

minori sugimoto photo

Minori Sugimoto

Thank you for you have interest in my pastel works. 




Online video lesson course 

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